Bridesmaid Dresses Creative Ideas for Coordinating Colors and Separates

posted on 04 Feb 2013 10:00 by nfljerseys1010
You can't please all of the people all of the time. But there are some instances where you might want to try. A wedding is an event that celebrates the joining of two people, but friends and family members play important roles. In this article we will discuss tips on selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress. Tradition dictates that it is the bride's privilege or curse to select the color and the type of fabric of the bridesmaid dresses Cheap christian louboutin. We say curse because trying to choose a dress that four to eight friends will agree on is no picnic. Color, style, taste and size must all be considered. Style and Fabric Where to start? When it comes to style, most modern brides want their friends to be comfortable. This often means ignoring the old procrustean rule about identical dresses and allowing the bridesmaids to express their own style, to a point. It is strongly suggested that you, the bride, set a few simple rules, such as no dress above the knees or no strapless numbers. Giving each bridesmaid the option of choosing her own style of dress will inevitably take some of the pressure off of you. After all, there are some decisions you must make on your own. The bride is expected to choose the color and the fabric of the dress. When it comes to fabric, it is important to consider the financial situation of each of your bridesmaids. If one girl has trouble making rent, it would be incredibly inconsiderate of you to expect her to purchase an expensive silk dress that she will only wear once. Rather, select a more affordable synthetic material like rayon, which actually looks like silk louboutin. Color Okay, no more hiding. It's time to stop making excuses and actually choose the color. Why would you hide? Well, color is the one choice that you must make on your own. But just as with the earlier decisions, there are several important considerations. Color is non-negotiable. All of the bridesmaids must wear the same color. If your bridesmaids are choosing their own style of dress, it is always a good idea to select a color that will allow them to wear it again. As you know, there are certain colors that simply scream wedding. Powder blue, fuchsia and hot pink come immediately to mind cheap louboutin shoes. And with the economy in a rut, there is a definite trend toward more muted colors. What are they? Platinum and black are classic colors that are perennial favorites with brides and their bridesmaids. Paler colors like sand, taupe, and lighter shades of yellow are also quite popular. It is also important to consider the season. For a fall wedding, hunter and burgundy are currently in high demand. For brides who want more vibrant or explosive colors, there are ways to achieve this effect without sacrificing the dress. Accessories are a simple and affordable solution. A red ribbon or sash can add the necessary color to an understated bridesmaid dress. Bright flower bouquets for all the girls are another easy way to add color to your side of the aisle. You may also want to consider the skin tone and hair color of the bridal party. Now, this might seem like overkill, but you only get married once...hopefully. Where to begin? The following are a few basic rules. If your bridesmaids have light skin and fair hair, stay away from pastel colors. This will make them look tired and washed out. For bridesmaids who have olive skin, yellows and light greens can also create this effect. As a general rule, deep colors are compatible with most skin tones and hair colors. Colors like black, midnight blue, emerald and crimson are flattering to people of all shades and tones. Fit Style, color, fabric-what else is there? You knew it wouldn't be easy. But what we have not discussed are the inevitable complications that always seem to arise. Probably the most common complaint that bridesmaids have is that custom-fit dresses don't fit them well. Now, the solution might seem simple-a tailor or a seamstress-but alterations can be expensive. One simple solution is separates. As you might expect, separates are two distinct pieces of formal wear that fit some women a lot better. For example, if a woman has a large bust or waistline, it can difficult for her to find a custom-fit dress that flatters her figure and does not require expensive alterations. Separates give her the option of choosing different sizes for tops and bottoms to get a better fit. The bridesmaid dresses you choose will add a major layer of beauty and organization to your wedding. Keep these considerations in mind as you pick out the perfect design and you'll be sure to please every member of the bridal party. Lorrie Whitting is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as wedding accessories. .